Messages On Hold Players

At Business Audio Source, we provide top quality Message On-Hold (MOH) Players, to ensure your callers enjoy clear, crisp audio. Not every phone system requires a MOH Player so, if you’re unsure let us know your phone system details and we’ll find out. Most systems that do require a MOH player are already pre-wired so it’s a simple plug-in installation. If you’re using regular 2 and 4-line phones or even a house phone, message on hold is possible using our MOH adapter.

Customers enrolled in a MOH update program can receive a player included at no additional charge as a part of their service. Contact Us for details.

MP3 message on hold player

USB40 – USB Drive Player

This player offers fast, easy integration into any phone system that is MOH ready, and provides high quality audio playback using standard MP3 format. The USB drive is included.

Included with the standard & seasonal update programs


remote download message on hold player

iLink LCD – Smart IP Player

This system offers automatic message loading and is equipped with advanced scheduling capabilities, making it the ideal player for frequent updates or multi-location utilization.

Included with monthly update program
(available upgrade for all update plans)


message on hold adapter

Adapter 6500 – Player/Adapter

Add on-hold audio capability to virtually any single or multi-line phones. Only one unit is needed to provide MOH capability for one to four lines and up to 50 stations.

Available with any update program