IP Download Player

remote download message on hold player

The iLink LCD is a fully managed, IP connected, messaging system designed for frequent update applications and multi-location deployment.

remote download message on hold player

USB message on hold Mp3 player rear

The iLink LCD is an internet connected audio device that makes frequent updates and or multiple location updates a breeze. The LCD screen and key pad, control volume and mode settings as well as provides easy local configuration of the unit’s IP. The unit also features an internal monitor speaker for checking playback status.

The iLink LCD connects to the Internet through its built-in 10/100 LAN port. There is no media to handle or audio files for staff member to load. Message downloads are completely managed in-house. Message updates can be initiated on demand or be scheduled from minutes to weeks in advance providing unlimited flexibility, convenience, and confidence.

The iLink LCD installs with just two connections: A LAN connection to your network switch or router, and an audio cable to you phone system. The iLink LCD will auto discover an IP on the network or a static IP can be manually assigned.

  • Complete Remote Management
  • Custom scheduling capabilities
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Internal monitor speaker