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Our focus in ComTips is to help improve your customer experience over the telephone while projecting a polished business image. Call-flow management and custom hold messaging are our specialties but there is another aspect of providing a positive phone experience to callers that are even more important at providing  a lasting impression.

How employees interact with customers over the phone

Making and receiving phone calls’ is an important part of providing efficient and exceptional customer service. That’s why leading companies, regardless of size, know the value of creating a clearly defined phone policy. A phone policy is a clearly written document that sets the standards and defines how everyone from the CEO to the shipping clerk is expected to handle customer interactions on the phone.

Kristina, a friend of mine (who happens to be a small business owner) decided to order a new leather sofa for the company’s lobby area. She found a sofa she liked online but before pulling out her credit card she had a few questions. So, Kristina rang the store’s customer service number. Within a few rings, someone picked up but there was a strained silence as she waited for the company’s representative to acknowledge the call. Finally, after what she said, “took forever” (but was probably just a few awkward seconds) an exasperated voice said, “Hello?”

Kristina is no stranger to customer service and can discern a pleasant, welcoming voice from that of someone who feels like they’re being interrupted by having to answer the phone. She gave them the benefit of the doubt and went on to explain about her desire for a new sofa, and provided the item number of the sofa she was interested in and that she just had a few questions before placing her ordering… at which point there was a muffled sound that may have said “OK”, then she was placed on hold briefly, before being transferred (anonymously!) to someone else’s extension. In the back of her mind, there was now a $2000 order ready to go elsewhere if this company didn’t get its act together quickly…

Fortunately, the sales assistant who answered was polite and professional and was able to satisfactorily answer all of her questions and concerns. She went on to place the order and had the sofa delivered without issue. This experience is a good reminder why it is important to have a phone policy that describes how callers are to be greeted and how their call is handled from beginning to end.

“Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.”

Taken together, employee behavior helps form your business IMAGE in the eyes of customers and prospects.

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Jeff Wilson advises businesses and organizations about optimizing their telephony communication systems and develops custom professionally voiced messages that project a polished image for every caller. You can reach him using the, 'support' email link found on the contact page.
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