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With our free music on hold messages, you you no longer have to plunge callers into silence or subject them to radio commercials, lame chimes, or boring elevator music. Select male, female, or alternating voice and choose from eight different background music styles. Then, download and use your professional music on hold message production at no cost, simply by subscribing to the ComTips Newsletter.

The free music on hold messages production features four unique 'thank you for holding' type messages that play every 30-seconds for two minutes before looping. Each message is appropriate for any type of business, organization, or industry. The free hold messages acknowledge your callers' time and reassures them that their call will be attended to shortly.

Enhance the caller experience and optimize phone operations with easy to follow tips & best practice advice found in The ComTips eMail Series.

Here's what you can expect to find in ComTips:

  • How to create a phone policy and why your company needs one.
  • Who is your auto-attendant serving, your business or your callers?
  • How custom messages can promote more than just your services.

How to get your free music on hold production.

Enter your email address in the sign up box at the top right column of this page and click the subscribe button. After confirming your newsletter subscription, you'll be directed to the registration page where you can choose your voice & music preference and provide the contact details used to generate your music production broadcast license (valid for 12 months.) A link to your selected free music on hold production will be provided instantly and include an .mp3 and two types of .wav file formats. Instructions will also be provided for requesting alternate audio formats.

We take your privacy seriously. Your email address and contact details will never be shared with a third party. And if you ever want to unsubscribe from the newsletter, it's a simple 1-click process.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do you provide free on hold music, what’s the catch?

    Business Audio Source provides free music on hold messages as a no obligation demo to introduce our telephony messaging services and attract new subscribers to our Communication Tips Newsletter.

  • Is the production licensed/What is music licensing?

    Yes! Because the music on hold production is provided as a free sample, we are able to include the broadcast license at no charge for the first year. To help ensure your business remains protected, we will send a license renewal reminder prior to the expiration of your license. You will have the option to renew your license at the current annual rate of $105 per location. We do not enforce licensing. Compliance is up to the owner(s) or officer(s) of the business.


    Music Licensing 101
    When you purchase music from a record store you have the right to listen and enjoy it any way you like as long as it is for personal use. Listen at home, in your car, load it into your MP3 player and play it for friends. But, the moment music is used in the context of your business, whether it is from a CD player or the radio, you need permission from the copyright owners. Without proper licensing your business may be in violation of copyright infringement laws.For more information about business music and licensing check out the following links:

    ASACP The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
    BMI Broadcast Music, Inc.
    SESAC The company name was once an acronym, today it is simply SESAC.
    BBB Better Business Bureau
    USCO United States Copyright Office

  • Do I need a special MOH (Message On Hold) player?

    You may be able to take advantage of the free mp3 on hold, without any additional equipment, but it depends on what type of phone you have.*

    PBX/Key Systems- Usually Require An MOH Player: These phone systems have a central control unit that houses all the phone functions including music on hold. Most PBX/Key systems require an external message on hold player, and are often pre-wired so hooking up a player is simple. If you're not sure, ask your phone vendor or contact us for assistance.

    2 & 4 Line Phones- Require An MOH Player And Adapter: If your business uses two or four lines phones purchased from a retail store, your phones are not MOH compatible. Message on hold can often still be implemented using a MOH adapter and player. contact us to learn if on hold music is possible with your telephones.

    Hosted Phone Systems- No Equipment Needed: If you used a hosted or virtual PBX system a message on hold player is not required. Instead, load the file through your dial plan access or send the free .wav on hold file to your system provider for loading.

    PC/Server Based Phone Systems- No Equipment Needed: If your phone system is software controlled, running off your server or PC, you don’t need a message on hold player. Simply upload the audio file into your system.

    There are hundreds of different phone systems in use across North America all with their own unique configuration requirements. The information provided is, “typical” for most phone systems in the categories specified. Contact your telecom equipment provider to find out your systems compatibility for music on hold. If you don't have a telecom contact or have further questions, contact us. We'll be happy to help.

  • Can I just use a regular CD or MP3 player?

    Absolutely! The free on hold music production is delivered in standard .mp3 and .wav format. The mp3 on hold file can be loaded into any mp3 player or burned to disk and played from a CD player.

    Please Note: While you, 'can' play the free on hold music production on a regular MP3 or CD player, it is not recommended as a permanent solution. Commercially available MP3 and CD players are not designed for the continual playback required for music on hold use. Most CD players overheat with prolong use causing the player to shut off, and MP3 players require regular power cycles and may shut down intermittently. You risk damaging your player and leaving your callers in silence. You'll have no way of knowing when playback has stopped unless you regularly check for playback.

    If you need a permanent solution, the digital music on hold players provided by Business Audio Source are designed specifically for the demands of continuous audio play-back. Our MOH players are industrial grade, constructed with a extruded aluminium housing, and utilize solid-state memory. In the event of a power-outage, the player will re-boot and automatically continue playback once power is restored.

  • Should I choose a male or female voice?

    While there is no right or wrong answer, it is usually best to match the voice to your target audience.

    e.g. A male voice for an auto parts store - a female voice for a nail salon.

    If you can't decide or if your target audience is a mix, choosing the alternating voice selection may an ideal compromise for your business.

  • Which music style is best for my organization?

    Like music scores used in film, background music for your on hold production should be selected based on the mood you want to create for your callers rather than on personal tastes.

    The music featured in our free on hold music productions have been specifically selected to provide a range of different styles while appealing to a wide audience.

    Smooth Jazz – A light soprano sax groove. Offers flavors of accomplishment and a job well done.

    Modern Energy – Upbeat yet warm and inviting – conveys an optimistic look at the world around us.

    Nice ‘n Easy – Beauty and comfort are the key ingredients in this arrangement.

    New Age – Light bells and frequencies combine to create a soothing fluid mellow arrangement

    Acoustic Guitar – A contemporary arrangement of acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. Positive & motivating.

    Gentle Emotions – Sensitive piano melody augmented by lush strings. Emotional & moving.

    Lively Classical (Vivaldi – Concerto for Two Oboes) A lively and delicate balance of oboes & symphony.

    Classical Piano (Chopin – Waltz No 10 In B Minor) A sedate, innocent, and playful classical piece.

  • .mp3 or .wav file, How do I know which one to use?

    Each of the downloads includes your selected production in the three most common audio formats required by most applications.

    • .mp3
    • .wav – PCM 16 kHz, 8 Bit
    • µ-law – 8 kHz, 8 Bit (.wav)

    The difference between audio file formats basically comes down to the compression method used. Mp3 files are popular because of their small size with relatively little loss of audio quality.

    Unless your phone system specifically requires one of the other formats, we recommend using the .mp3 on hold file.

    If none the download files will play and you're not sure what format is required, let us know the make & model of your system. We'll research it and send you the properly formatted audio file.

  • Can I have the on hold messages customized to mention my products/services?

    Certainly! Business Audio Source specializes in custom on hold messaging. Learn more about custom on hold messaging and listen to samples.

  • What's the difference between personalized & customized messages

    A personalized message on hold production has generic messages, personalized to include some basic information about your business.

    A personalized production will include:

    • One generic message with your company name and optionally your tag line and website or physical address
    • One Generic message with your company name
    • Three generic, "thank you for holding" type messages

    To personalize your production Click Here


    Custom Production
    A custom message on hold production is 100% custom tailored to meet your messaging goals and can include detailed information about your organization, products and services.

    A custom production will include:

    • A custom script with 5-6 messages featuring your products/services (approx. 500 words)
    • Script is written to your specifications by our experienced copy-writers
    • You can choose a voice from seven different professional talents
    • You can select music from more than 100 different samples

    Learn more about custom on hold messaging.

Business Audio Source took my guidelines and created my On Hold and After Hours Message with little to no effort on my part. Jeff understood what I was looking for and delivered it, on time, at the right price and professionally! The messages are Humorous and it Sells. One customer called back so they could listen to the rest of the messages. They really exceeded my expectations.–Mike Tempera, Grotto Pizzeria, NYC

I had looked for free music on hold files in the past without much success. The wav file I downloaded from Business Audio Source would not load into my system. I emailed them the specs from my PBX manual and they had a new file emailed to me within the hour. The quality is very good and the speaker's voice is very professional. I will definitely recommend Business Audio Source to anyone needing this type of service.–Jim Gunther, Gunther Computer Systems, Inc.

After spending countless hours researching products available for audio voicemail services for my business, I was thrilled with the product Business Audio Source had available. Not only did the capabilities and pricing appeal to me, the support and helpful information I received from Jeff Wilson was superior. I would recommend this company to anyone.–Jason Klein, Newport Design Corp.

I chose Business Audio Source because they had the fastest response, and had no gimmicks or sales pressure and understood exactly what I was looking for. The price and turnaround time quoted was the best out there too. The quality of the messages was perfect and exactly what I was looking for, simple and professional. It was quick, professional and affordable. They stayed with me till the job was done and met my specs and the rates and times agreed. Great follow up!–Tim Corrigan, QA International

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