On Hold Music & Messages Simplified

On Hold Music - Live orchstra playing for caller on hold
Your Callers On-Hold Are Listening.... What Would You Like them to know?

Business Audio Source makes it easy to promote your business with custom on hold music & messages. We’ll provide you with on hold music & messages, completely customized for your business. Keep callers informed, promote new products, highlight services, and add value to your other marketing campaigns...we’ll show you how!

It's ALL Included

  • A professionally written script, customized to meet your business objectives
  • Professional recording of your messages, performed in studio by one of our voiceover artists
  • Mixing of background hold music (your choice form our large, licensed music library)
  • Finished project, digitally delivered in your required format
  • A FREE holiday hold music version of your program
  • A digital MOH player (as required by your phone system)


  • FREE custom messages for your complete phone system - Auto Attendant Prompts, After-Hours Greeting, and Voicemail messages.

Turn 'hold time' into a dynamic marketing opportunity that actively targets your captive audience at the very moment they are most receptive, and interested in your business, your products, and your services.

Armed with your website, marketing materials, or just a little information, we’ll create an on hold script that's custom written just for your business. Whether you want to keep your program polished and professional or casual and fun, we can design a message that represents

your brand, keeps your callers up-to-date on all the latest offerings, and motivates them with a clear call to action. Once you approve your professionally written script, you’ll have the opportunity to select from one of our professional voice talents and our licensed on hold music library.

A On Hold Music Program from Business Audio Source Allows you to:

  • Introduce callers to services they might not know you offer
  • Share valuable tips or product info
  • Reduce the number of callers who hang-up
  • Let customers know how much you appreciate their business

How Often Should I Update My Messages?

Did you know studies confirm, that playing music on hold will keep callers on the line a little longer? Add informative, targeted on hold messages to that on hold music, and they’re willing to remain on hold three times longer! But just like that new hit song on the radio....even the most appealing music gets stale sounding after awhile. Updating your messages periodically keeps callers engaged, and allows you to cross market your services and highlight current promotions. The frequently you should update your hold messages really depends on who is

calling and how often they're calling. For example, a dental office may have patients calling just 2 times per year for their routing cleanings, whereas a salon may have regular clients calling every 6 weeks for a new appointment. At Business Audio Source, we’ll work with you to understand your business and how you want to market to your customers. We can help guide you to the best on hold music program that allows you flexability you need to update effectively.

With our competitive rates and all inclusive service, keeping your messages updated with the latest information is more affordable than you may think! Click on the Programs tab for complete pricing information.

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